Anti-Semitism is the last stage of the fascisation of Russia

How did Putin’s Russia become the greatest anti-Semitic country of our time? On June 13, 2023, V. Putin, during a meeting in the Kremlin with Russian military chiefs, accused V. Zelenskyy, who has Jewish roots, of supporting neo-Nazism.

On September 5 this year, during an interview with journalist P. Zarubin, Putin once again recalled the Jewish origin of the President of Ukraine, saying that the ethnic Jew Zelenskyy “covers up Nazism.” This confirms the presence of anti-Semitism among the Chekist and political elites of the Russian Federation. In May 2022, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S. Lavrov provoked an international scandal, claiming Hitler’s alleged Jewish roots. A terrorist state that kills peaceful Ukrainians, in the best traditions of Nazi Germany, accuses everyone around of its own crimes. Putin’s Russia is becoming a country of victorious chauvinism. Thus, the Jewish minority still living in the Russian Federation is in the greatest danger: it is they who Putin is trying to culprit for all Russia’s troubles in the eyes of Russians brainwashed by propaganda. One can only hope that Russian Jews will be able to avoid the genocide launched by the greatest anti-Semitic state — Russia.