Additional air defense systems will protect the Ukrainian energy sector this upcoming winter

The Russian Aerospace Forces continue their missile terror against Ukraine. In recent attacks, the Russians systematically employed drones, ballistic missiles, and aviation rockets to deplete the Ukrainian air defense and inflict maximum damage on Ukraine’s infrastructure. Therefore, the delivery of additional air defense systems is critically important for safeguarding rear population centers.

During the night of November 14, another missile and UAV strike targeted Ukrainian cities. The Russians utilized 9 Iranian-made attack drones, one «Iskander-M» ballistic missile, and one guided aviation rocket «Kh-59». In total, 7 UAVs were destroyed. It is noteworthy that in recent months, the terrorist state has virtually refrained from using cruise missiles such as «Kalibr» and «Kh-101/Kh-555.» This indicates that Russia is accumulating reserves, which will be used for attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure after the onset of cold weather.

Western allies recognize all the risks facing Ukraine and are making appropriate decisions. For instance, Germany announced the transfer of two additional IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine, and the United States acquired 60 self-propelled anti-aircraft units «Gepard» from Jordan, totaling 110 million dollars. This weaponry will play a crucial role in repelling air attacks by the enemy this upcoming winter. Against the backdrop of ongoing missile strikes, the supply of various air defense means and ammunition is a guarantee for the preservation of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and increases the chances for Ukrainians to endure another harsh winter safely.